IRELAND - The Strange Preacher

Luke 9: 49 - 51 talks about a Strange Preacher, a fellow that preached the gospel without sanction of the official or original teachers i.e.: the Apostles or the Master. He was so inspired by the gospel that he took it upon himself to go out and preach the good news. When John saw this he spoke with Jesus and wanted him censured but Jesus forbade such action, declaring that 'he that is not against us, is for us.' Thus I model myself after the Strange Preacher.

I want to teach the gospel as I see it, without the constraints of tradition. However, I should make clear, I'm not personally opposed to any tradition. Strange Preacher Ministries recognises that while we all walk different religious paths we are one spiritual family and so seek to promote that sense of spiritual family by offering a forum whereby we can share the spiritual riches of our respective traditions
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