Suicides of Bank Executives, Fraud, Financial Manipulation:

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Suicides of Bank Executives, Fraud, Financial Manipulation:

Unread postby Paul Kemp » Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:26 am

Suicides of Bank Executives, Fraud, Financial Manipulation: JPMorgan Chase Advisor Tony Blair is Not Involved
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, February 14, 2014
Region: USA
Theme: Global Economy


JPMorgan Chase is the unspoken architect of fraud, corruption, not to mention the establishment of the largest Ponzi scheme in World history.The agenda is to steal and appropriate wealth through market manipulation:

“Just last month, JPMorgan Chase acknowledged that it facilitated the largest Ponzi scheme in history, looking the other way as Bernie Madoff brazenly turned his business bank account at JPMorgan Chase into an unprecedented money laundering operation that would have set off bells, whistles and sirens at any other bank.

The U.S. Justice Department allowed JPMorgan to pay $1.7 billion and sign a deferred prosecution agreement, meaning no one goes to jail at JPMorgan — again. The largest question that no one can or will answer is how the compliance, legal and anti-money laundering personnel at JPMorgan ignored for years hundreds of transfers and billions of dollars in round trip maneuvers between Madoff and the account of Norman Levy. Even one such maneuver should set off an investigation. (Levy is now deceased and the Trustee for Madoff’s victims has settled with his estate.)” Pam Martens, Russ Martens, JPMorgan Vice President’s Death Shines Light on Bank’s Close Ties to the CIA ,, February 12, 2014

To successfully implement its various financial operations, JP Morgan Chase not only controls politicians in high office, it also uses retired politicians to undertake advisory functions.

Upon his retirement from the position of Prime Minister, Tony Blair was appointed to a senior advisory position at JPMorgan Chase, His initial fee for this part-time consultancy was a modest retainer of £500,000 a year, ($750.000). It was subsequently increased to £2 million.

Tony Blair was slated to use his network of crony political relations in Britain and the Middle East to serve the interests of JPMorgan Chase. He worked closely with CEO and Chairman Jamie Dimon, who has recently been the object of controversy.

“We operate our business all over the world”, said Jamie Dimon:

    “and Tony Blair will bring our leaders and clients a unique and invaluable global perspective that is especially critical in turbulent times like these. Our firm will benefit greatly from his knowledge and experience” (JPMorgan January 2008 Press Release)

It is worth noting that in 2003 after the invasion of Iraq, during Tony Blair’s mandate as Prime Minister JP Morgan Chase was designated to run the Trade Bank of Iraq.

Tony Blair is a war criminal who has links to a fraudulent banking network.


Mysterious Deaths of Four Senior Wall Street Bank Executives

In recent developments on January 28, a JP Morgan Chase Vice President in the U.K., Gabriel Magee, “was found dead on a 9th level rooftop of the bank’s 33-story European headquarters building in the Canary Wharf section of London.”

    On February 10, Ryan Henry Crane, 37, another senior JPMorgan Chase executive died under mysterious circumstances, Crane was responsible for JPMorgan’s global program trading.

    Crane’s death comes after “a rash of suicides” over a period of 6 days weeks involving three prominent bankers including JPM’s Gabriel Magee, former Federal Reserve economist Mike Dueker and William Broeksmit, a former senior manager for Deutsche Bank, who was found “hanging in his home, also an apparent suicide”. Broeksmit was, according to reports, connected to the process of rigging of foreign exchange markets.


Appointment of Tony Blair: Text of January 2008 Press JP Morgan Chase Press Release

    NEW YORK, January 10 [2008]/PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- JPMorgan Chase announced
    today that it has appointed former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in a
    senior advisory capacity to the firm, effective immediately. Mr. Blair will
    also join the company's International Council.

    Mr. Blair will advise JPMorgan Chase's CEO and senior management team
    on a part-time basis - drawing on his immense international experience to
    provide the firm with strategic advice and insight on global political
    issues and emerging trends.

    In addition, Mr. Blair will participate in select events and
    conferences for the company including senior-level client events and will
    provide briefings on political trends to the firm's Board of Directors.

    "We're honored that Tony Blair has chosen to join JPMorgan Chase as a
    senior advisor to our executive team and Board," said Jamie Dimon, Chairman
    and CEO. "We operate our business all over the world, and Tony Blair will
    bring our leaders and clients a unique and invaluable global perspective
    that is especially critical in turbulent times like these. Our firm will
    benefit greatly from his knowledge and experience."

    Mr. Blair added, "It is a great opportunity to be able to contribute to
    the work of JPMorgan Chase. They are a leading company at the cutting edge
    of the global economy, with a footprint in virtually every part of the
    world. I look forward to advising them on how they approach the huge
    political and economic changes that globalisation brings. I am excited at
    the prospect of joining Jamie Dimon, for whom I have a lot of respect, and
    the whole team, adding my own experience to their work and helping them to

    JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) is a leading global financial services
    firm with assets of $1.5 trillion and operations in more than 50 countries.
    The firm is a leader in investment banking, financial services for
    consumers, small business and commercial banking, financial transaction
    processing, asset management, and private equity. A component of the Dow
    Jones Industrial Average, JPMorgan Chase serves millions of consumers in
    the United States and many of the world's most prominent corporate,
    institutional and government clients under its JPMorgan and Chase brands.
    JPMorgan Chase is committed to investing in education, economic
    opportunity, development and environmental programs that enable people and
    communities to thrive. Information about the firm is available at



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